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Good Trekker Etiquette

Summer is the time when you get to contemplate the Mountain and be dazzled by her majestic beauty. She welcomes those who love her and those who want to get to know her better: an invitation to explore her many trails and enjoy a welcoming embrace amidst the alpine meadows nestled in her peaks.
Not all trekkers are the same.
So with this in mind, we thought of giving THANKS to the Good Trekker, the one that every mountain would like to host.
Thanks to the Trekker who understands the power of a simple "good morning" 
When the Good Trekker meets someone on a mountain trail, they always greet them. A greeting in the mountains means a lot: solidarity, humanity, sharing. The Mountain has a way of bringing people back down to earth: we’re all the same in her presence, united in effort, beauty and in newfound peace.

Thanks to the Trekker who knows their place  
The Good Trekker always makes way for others approaching on a narrow path or walking at a faster pace.

Thanks to the Trekker who stops to admire the flowers – looks but doesn’t touch
The Good Trekker allows others to experience the wonder of alpine flowers and understands that by leaving them alone, their seeds once dried, can propagate, further increasing blooms over the years.

Thanks to the Trekker who knows what to do when “nature calls”
When it’s a case of addressing physiological needs, the Good Trekker moves away from the main path, never leaving tissues or toilet paper in plain sight. The paper might be biodegradable, but the Good Trekker covers it up or collects it in a waste bag, knowing it all adds up, leaving a white trail behind (and we’re not talking a path to the Milky Way!)

Thanks to the Trekker who keeps their 4-legged friend on a leash 
The Good Trekker knows the importance of keeping their dog on a leash to prevent scaring wildlife in the woods. They also always clean up after their four-legged friend, covering any dog droppings with leaves or grass, rather than abandoning it in a plastic bag.

Thanks to the Trekker who believes “silence is golden”

Taking the trouble to reduce the ringtone on their mobile phone is a definite sign of the Good Trekker, respecting the magical silence that immersing oneself in nature can offer.

Thanks to the Trekker who always cleans up after themselves
The Good Trekker understands that the Mountain is not a dumping ground, being sure to gather and take away with them any waste left over from snacks and mountain activities.

… and for now, we wish you a good journey.

Life's not about the steps you take, nor the shoes you wear, but the footprints you leave behind.
La Cooperativa di Cortina
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